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Comply Air is a customisable app that allows asbestos consultants to simplify and streamline the process of daily asbestos air monitoring.

  • Set up daily air monitoring jobs on your device
  • Log cowl ID codes with your device’s camera
  • Use the efficient interface to enter and manage all testing data
  • Reduce redundant effort by bringing previous sheet values forward
  • Generate reports instantly
  • Say goodbye to paper-based field sheets 


Operation is simple. Once you have set up your business profile, each new job involves: 

  • Scanning the air monitoring cowl IDs and pump IDs, 
  • Recording start and stop times with the built-in timer buttons (or manually),
  • Recording the flow rates at those times. 

The app then calculates the total volume and pre-fills your chain of custody form and client report.

Time is Money

Time Saver

We know from personal experience that writing up a field sheet, re-entering the data onto a laboratory Chain of Custody form, then compiling your daily report takes too long. 

The Comply Air app can save you a significant amount of time throughout the whole air monitoring process. With the app, you only need to record a set of data once, which means no more transferring from paper to paper or paper to Word document. And once all the data is in the app, it only takes one click to send it to a report.

Calculations, too, take time and brain power, and with the app they are effortless. Apps don’t make elapsed time or volume calculation errors. With the ability to export data in word format or excel, you can dovetail the data into your own customised reports quickly and accurately – or just use our template and you are good to go.

Take the drudgery out of writing up each job with Comply Air.

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Comply Air Streamlined Air Monitoring

Comply Air was developed by our team of practicing Asbestos Consultants, and we use it exclusively over paper-based systems. 

This custom software is now available for Asbestos Consultants across NZ and beyond.

Advanced Features

Data Accuracy

Barcodes are ultra-reliable by design, and the Comply Air app incorporates that reliability directly into your air monitoring process. 

Devices like your phone are especially good at timekeeping, and the integrated Start and Stop buttons on the app make sampling duration calculation as easy as pressing two buttons. The autosave feature of the app means you won’t lose data once it’s recorded.

All of these features make for consistent accuracy in sampling and reporting. In the rare case of an operator error, every value is adjustable, so there are no traps to fall into.

The Comply Air app also has the ability to copy the previous day’s job into the new day. On long, repetitive jobs (that may last for weeks) this function can save a serious amount of time and frustration, as well as reducing record errors.

Comply Air facilitates accurate and reliable management of your data.

Effortless Reporting

Chain of Custody (COC) & Reporting

Comply Air offers user-customisable templates for efficiently sending COC forms via email to your nominated testing lab. These forms are generated from all the pre-filled data that you gathered on-site, during sampling.

Once you have the results back from the lab, simply add them to the app and instantly generate your daily reports. The generated reports are branded with your company details and logo, so they are ready to email directly to your client.

All of this saves time and duplication of effort, and it’s all done from your mobile device.

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Zero-Paper System Branded for Your Business

As an asbestos consultant undertaking air sampling, your clients will see you using your own branded software on site, scanning and recording on your Android or Apple device.

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Per-User Pricing

We’ve kept things simple with flat-rate, GST-included, per-seat pricing. 

Single Plan

$ 29 (Inc GST)
  • Save Time and Streamline Your Workflow
  • Upload Business Logo & Contact Details
  • Upload Job Numbers & Consultant Signatures
  • Produce COC Daily Reports From Your Phone
  • Report Via PDF, Word or Excel
  • Fast & Accurate Reports
  • Billing Monthly, Cancel Any Time

What Our Clients Say

User Testimonials

I've been using ComplyAir and it’s become an absolute must have for all air monitoring analysis. Not only does it greatly improve efficiency on site but also reduces the time spent reporting. The app produces professional and accurate reports at the push of a button. Asbestos surveyors in the field should absolutely use this app.
Trevor Riley
Licensed Asbestos Assessor
Comply Air has been a great asset to the tool kit. It saves me time, ensures accuracy and makes it easy to get COC files to the lab. I'd highly recommend it to other Asbestos Consultants.
Brad Martelletti
Licensed Asbestos Assessor

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